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Groundswell Church

We Are Groundswell

We believe church doesn’t begin and end on Sunday. At Groundswell, we’re a 24/7 church impacting our sphere, reaching our circle of influence, and creating a sense of ‘Welcome Home’ for all

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Sunday Service

11:00AM & 7:00PM MOD CLUB THEATRE (722 College Street)

Mid Week

7:30PM 660 Richmond Street West

Whatever it takes to point people to Jesus, that through Jesus it may be on earth as it is in heaven Our Mission

Meet Our Team

At Groundswell Church, we believe the local Church is not built on the gifts of few, but the sacrifices of many. We have an incredible community of volunteers that we call our Dream Team. Here are just some of our amazing leaders.

Jeff Pike

Senior Pastor

The Latest

“Our church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few but on the sacrifice of many”

Prayer Requests

We are constantly praying for all of you. Let us know what is going on and our team will continue to keep you in our prayers.