The ‘WHY’ factor
Jeff Pike



When we first sought out to start this Church, my desire was to build a great community for people here in Toronto. But God has done a great work in me since then. Now the vision is larger, and much more expansive, there is no limit to what God can do through His Church.

I desire to see people impacted by the love of Jesus all over this nation, Churches being established and reaching people from coast to coast with the gospel.

As I am writing this, I sit in a quiet cafe right by Church Street which just re-opened. I am rendered speechless with incredible heartache. So many of my friends who do not yet know Jesus and the life only He can bring. It makes John 10:10 become ever so personal when I see what is happening in our city. I have a deeper conviction today that we must not desire to have a “good” Church, for that would be a great injustice. We need a Church that is going to shake this city and bring dead people to LIFE!
I cannot count how many times people have asked me [or my team] the question of: WHY?

Why start yet another Church?
Why did you move away from your family to do this?
Why would you bother? No one likes Church anymore.
Someone even had the boldness once to tell me that they thought Groundswell was not necessary at all.

So as you can imagine, being someone who takes what I do very personally, these questions and comments could have easily rocked me.

After I realized that my own team were also being confronted with these questions I realized something. I realized that we need to KNOW WHY we are doing this! Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well actually, it has proven to be the one thing that when tough times hit, people seem to forget.

On Sundays when I meet with my team, I have gotten into the habit of picking out one or two people on the spot and asking them to share why they are apart of this Church plant. The first time I ever did this they were caught completely off guard! It was one of the best things I could have done, it got my team into a habit of always being ready to share their “why factor”.

It has made them into the kind of leaders that, when they are questioned they will always be able to speak the vision, that it is plain for them to understand and convey to others [Habakkuk 2:2].

And in the same way, when I encounter people who ¬†are curious about why I am doing this, I can speak about my own friends who have walked away from the Church and want nothing to do with it. Or the people I talk with everyday that are facing eating disorders, abusive relationships, a desire for something more in their own lives… THEY are why I am doing this.

This city does not need another “cool” Church or yet another thing that they can go to on Sunday, What this city needs is an encounter with the one who can transform their life.

So in saying that, I want to encourage you. This question of “why” is one of the best questions that you can ask yourself every single day. It is such a great reminder that there is a bigger picture to all this, and Jesus is at the centre of it. The Church has a purpose on this earth to reconcile humanity to Him, so where do you fit in to all that? What is your “why”? Because we all have one.


-Jeff Pike