Time For Takeoff
Jeff Pike

I can hardly believe we are here.
I can hardly believe the time has come.
We are 2 weeks out from Launching Groundswell Church and I could not be more confident and excited.
Along with that there are a healthy bit of nerves.
The dream that has been in my heart and so many other’s for years is now finally coming into focus and reality.
All our teams are set to go, our venue is ready, and people are expectant that what Jesus has been doing He will continue to do.
This past weekend our whole team loaded in our gear for Sunday services, including our sounds equipment, musical instruments, everything down to our amazing Kid’s ministry activities. We are taking on a huge task but this is all coming together.
I mostly just wanted to write this blog as a huge THANK YOU!
Thank you for supporting us over this past season.
Thank you for supporting Mika & I individually over the years.
Thank you for financially investing in us.
Thank you for your fervent prayers for us.
Thank you for taking a chance on some crazy people, who are so in love with Jesus and will give anything for people to know Him too.
I am actually getting a little emotional as I write this, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
We are opening our Church with the message and theme “You Belong”.
That no matter who you are or where you have been, you belong. In fact you are meant to belong, and you belong here.
So please take this as a personal invitation from me, to come see and be apart of this new Church here in Toronto! Come and see what you have sown into and the fruit that is here.

It’s very accessible and free parking onsite
Date/Time: September 21st – 10:30am 
Location: Revue Cinema
400 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, Ontario

Please, it would be our honour to host you and to have you there to celebrate with us! Bring friends and family, sons and daughters… Basically anyone who’s is breathing.
Especially if you know someone who lives in Toronto!

‘It’s Time for Takeoff’, and I truly hope to celebrate this with you!

-Jeff Pike